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  • New Seasons Bring Change at Pebbles & Pine Custom Designs

    Welcome to My New Office And Pebbles & Pine Turns 2!! This week Pebbles & Pine Custom Designs celebrates our 2nd Birthday and we’re entering a season of change. As they say, “Fall is proof that change is beautiful". 2 years ago I started Pebbles & Pine on a wish & a dream and sitting here now, I could never have imagined I’d be where I am. In order to get to where we are, I have to go back a little bit, 13 years back to the beginning of my self employment journey. My maternity leave was coming to an end and I was nowhere near ready to return to a traditional workplace outside of my home. A friend & family member were in the same position as I was with their maternity leave ending and they asked me to care for their children while they went back to work. All of a sudden my self employment journey had began. From there I built my daycare to see many kids come through my doors, to grow, blossom, and graduate onto Junior Kindergarten, along with some new friends who would join our circle and the cycle would repeat itself for more than a decade. At that point I started Pebbles & Pine as a side business to soothe my creative soul, but it quickly grew into a passion project where I could create apparel & merchandise that was inclusive, empowering and most importantly, gave back to our community. When I started P&P, I never imagined that my clothing would actually mean so much to so many people. I have created pieces that I will never forget. Pieces that have helped people walk through their toughest journeys like cancer or difficult illnesses. Memorial pieces of loved ones gone too soon, and people who have lived a long life but wanted to be buried in their favourite shirt. My art has been tattooed on people's bodies, documented new adventures, special adventures, badass moments, empowering moments and so many pieces of love. We don’t just make apparel & merchandise here, we help people encapsulate memories and experiences. I couldn’t be more proud to be trusted with such an amazing opportunity. As we approach our anniversary this week, one season is ending and another one is beginning. My last round of daycare kids have rotated out of my daycare and after 13 years, I am closing its doors and beginning the adventure of Pebbles & Pine as a full time endeavour. When I started P&P 2 years ago, I started with a tiny desk tucked in the corner of my bedroom, it evolved to take over an entire bedroom and now it has grown to take over an even larger area that is our new office. I am beyond thrilled to start this new adventure of full time creating and getting your amazing pieces out to you faster than ever! Come take a look at our new office where all the fun is had! Is it an office or a lab? I like to think it's my lab where I conjure up some magical things. Let's take a closer look around the new Pebbles & Pine Custom Designs Office Space. First up on the left is my curing oven. This is where all the wonderful DTF (Direct Transfer Films) go to cure before they get pressed onto your merchandise. Next we have an air purifier that sucks up the gases that are admitted from the curing (see it's a lab right?). Beside that is my DTF Printer that prints commercial grade, photographic quality prints. Her name is Bertha. She's badass and my most important tool in the lab! Down at the end we have my packing station where everything is organized for quick and easy access. Here is where all the behind the scenes of Pebbles & Pine takes place. Designing, invoicing, and most importantly, customer service. Here we have our workstation and heat presses. My hubby made the workstation out of four 3x3 cubbies and two 2x3 cubbies on the back. A big piece of melamine on the top and voila! There's plenty of space underneath for off season storage as well. Lastly we have our apparel storage cubbies adorned with some of my favourite things. Schitt's Creek & Hocus Pocus Funko's, my Ryan Gosling decor (swoon) and Golden Girls Fisher Price Collectables. On the side is where I keep all my order invoices and my mobile cart that comes in handy all around the...lab! It's definitely a lab, do you agree? Without all of you, this lab wouldn't be growing and thriving and I thank every single one of you who places an order, likes and shares on our socials, and now reads our blog posts. All of those things help my small business grow and I appreciate it so much. I want to celebrate our 2nd Birthday by giving YOU a gift! For this week* our entire website is on sale for 15% OFF. Thanks for checking out our new blog. *sale lasts from Monday August 28th, 2023-Sunday September 3, 2023

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